Hello there! I’m a PhD student in NLP at Ghent University. I'm passionate about Machine Learning, and Web Development. Currently, I'm a visiting researcher at the Stanford NLP Group.

location-icon Ghent, Belgium / Stanford, U.S.A.


Short bio

Hi! I’m a computer science engineer passionate about Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Web Design. I recently graduated from Ghent University and started as a PhD student at the Text to Knowledge research group at Ghent University under supervision of prof. Chris Develder and prof. Thomas Demeester. I'm currently at the Stanford NLP group for one year under guidance of prof. Christopher Potts. Learn more about me by viewing my resume or continue reading about my projects and hobbies.


As mentioned in my short bio, I just started as a PhD student. I'm intruiged by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but Natural Language Processing specifically captures my interest. View my initial work.


I enjoy working on small projects to learn additional skills or just because I think they are fun. You can view some projects here.


Cooking and going to the fitness tend to fill up my free time during the week. When I have more time on my hands, you can find me hiking, camping or skiing. Web design and development is also a hobby I've been investing a lot of time into recently. While I am certainly not a bookworm, I do enjoy reading. The Worldly Philosophers, Factfulness, 21 lessons for the 21st century, and Sapiens were all books I recently enjoyed. Previously, I spent a lot of my time practicing music. I play classical guitar and I sung in a choir, which gave me the opportunity to visit Mexico, Japan, Bulgaria, and Rome.

Contact me!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.